x-nav computer-guided implant system

CTEX-NAV Computer-Guided
Implant System

Best maxillofacial technology

Cutting-Edge Dental Implant Technology

At Premier Oral Surgery, Dr. Marc Dentico-Olin and Dr. Lester Machado use the X-Nav computer-guided implant system to work with your dental implants. With this advanced technology, our oral surgeons can place your implant with high precision and success.
Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots fused into the jawbone to provide a secure foundation for tooth replacement. Because it is surgically implanted into the jawbone, it permanently replaces the missing teeth. You will be able to chew and eat comfortably, speak clearly, and smile confidently with dental implants.
At Premier Oral Surgery, our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality care and treatment results. To make this possible, we ensure that our techniques and technologies are constantly updated. We pride ourselves on offering computer-guided implant surgery as part of our state-of-the-art facility. Using our cutting-edge computer software and computed tomography (CT) 3D imaging, accurate and optimal placement of a robust, permanent tooth replacement solution is entirely possible.
To know more about our computer-guided implant surgery and how we can improve your smile using advanced techniques, technology, and treatments, schedule an appointment with us or visit us at Premier Oral Surgery in San Diego, California.



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