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Facial Trauma Experts in
San Diego, CA

Emergency Leading to Trauma

Experiencing an emergency resulting from trauma demands immediate attention. At Premier Oral Surgery, our surgeons provide facial trauma restoration in San Diego, California. This procedure aids in the restoration of the bones in the face, jaw, and teeth.
knocked-out teeth

Facial Trauma Repair

Suffering from facial trauma have not only physical effects but also emotional. Our competent team of specialists at Premier Oral Surgery is dedicated to providing the most quality and comfortable treatment you need to restore your appearance, health, and confidence.
There are different causes of facial trauma. Car accidents, work-related injuries, sports injuries, unintentional falls, and interpersonal aggression can all result in several facial wounds. If you’re the following, you may need facial trauma repair:
  • Cuts inside the mouth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Cuts on the face
  • Broken facial bones
  • Upper or lower jaw fracture

Treating Facial Trauma

Our team at Premier Oral Surgery has years of experience treating bone injuries, soft tissue damage, teeth, and dental structures in San Diego, California. Your treatment depends on your unique needs.
facial trauma treatment
facial lacerations

Facial Lacerations

Depending on the severity, some cuts to the face need stitches. To close the wound, Dr. Marc Dentico-Olin and Dr. Lester Machado will use stitching techniques to allow optimal healing and reduced scarring.

Fractured Bones

Stabilization of broken bones can be made possible by using casts. But, facial features cannot be stabilized in this manner. The bones around the face may be set with wires, screws, and plates to achieve the best results.
stabilization of broken bones
broken sockets

Teeth and Surrounding Dental Structure

Our oral surgeons are highly experienced in treating knocked-out teeth and broken sockets. However, saving your natural teeth requires immediate action. It must be done within 30 minutes of the incident.
Please come to our practice as soon as possible if you have a severe dental injury.



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