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Teeth In A Day in
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Teeth In A Day

If you want to replace many missing teeth in one day, Dr. Marc Dentico-Olin and Dr. Lester Machado at Premier Oral Surgery offer teeth in a day in San Diego, California. Meaning in just a day, you can restore your radiant, beautiful smile! With our most advanced technology, you can expect a new functional set of teeth before the day ends.
cutting-edge technology

What is Teeth In A Day?

Teeth In A Day is an implant-supported denture procedure done in one appointment. It is a unique process of teeth replacement that begins with our oral surgeons taking accurate impressions of your mouth and the structure of your jawbone using our cutting-edge technology.

How Does Teeth In A Day Work?

After taking the necessary impressions, Dr. Marc Dentico-Olin and Dr. Lester Machado at Premier Oral Surgery will carefully customize your dentures. Then, they will place your dental implants with temporary sets of dentures on top.
Following the placement of your implants, you will be fitted and sent home with your healing set of teeth. Once your implants have fused adequately with your jawbone and recovered, a new set of permanent teeth will be attached, leaving you with teeth that look and function like your natural teeth!
fixed and permanent solution
highly durable results

Benefits of Teeth In A Day

  • A Fixed and Permanent Solution
  • Highly Durable and Stable Final Result
  • Restored Functionality – No Food Restrictions
  • Lesser Treatment Time
  • Bone and Gum Tissues Preservation
  • Faster Healing and Recovery Period
  • Lesser Time Spent Without Teeth
Visit Premier Oral Surgery in San Diego, CA, or call (619) 295-6774 to learn more about Teeth In A Day. Our team of smile experts is always here to help.



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